What is shared with you on iPhone and iPad?

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If you have an iPhone or iPad and have been talking to people through Apple’s native Messages app, you may have seen “Shared with you” labels pop up when other people are sharing things. But what is their meaning and what triggers it?

What is shared with you?

First introduced alongside the iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 versions of Messages, Shared with You primarily marks content shared from Apple’s own Music, TV, News, Photos, Podcasts and Safari apps. Most third-party apps are cut out of the loop – you won’t see it in other messaging clients like Signal or WhatsApp, and it can’t be triggered by things like Netflix or Google Drive. It’s backed by titles like Night Sky and Redfin.

What does Shared with You actually do?

Shared with you in Safari for iPad

The benefit of this tagging is that content can be more easily retrieved later. There is no need to scroll back through the Messages conversations as there is a dedicated “Shared with me” collection in supported apps. Find Apple apps here:

  • Music: Beat listen now.
  • TV: Beat look now.
  • Safari: Open a new tab and scroll down until you see Shared with you.
  • Photos: Beat For her and scroll down. If someone has sent multiple photos, they will appear as a collage that you can swipe through.
  • Podcast: Beat listen now and scroll down.
  • News: open that today Tab and scroll down.
Pin and remove content shared with you on iPhone

You can also “pin” stuff shared with you by tapping and holding it in messages and selecting Pen. This isn’t required, but pinned items will show up when you search for the “Shared with you” sections of messages or apps. If you want to do the opposite and delete content, tap Remove in the same pop-up menu.

Can I turn off Shared with You?

Yes. If you want to disable it completely or on an app basis, use these steps:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and select Messages.
  • Beat shared with you. Here you can switch individual apps on or off Automatic sharing for a system-wide impact. Note that you can still pin something over Messages as a bypass.

You can also disable the feature for each contact, e.g. B. When someone shares so much content that they would dominate your Shared With You lists. Here’s what to do:

  • Open Messages and select a conversation with that contact.
  • Tap their name at the top.
  • Switch off on their contact page Show in Shared with you.

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