What is the average SUV rental price?

As you’ve probably noticed, more people are buying SUVs than ever before. Even a subcompact SUV typically has more cargo space than a comparable sedan, making it a better option for families. SUVs also have an advantage over normal cars when it comes to ground clearance.

These two characteristics also make an SUV the ideal rental vehicle for vacations. Of course, popular vehicles often require a premium rental fee. Let’s explore how much it might cost to rent an SUV on your next trip.

Factors Influencing SUV Rental Prices Lines of SUVs | Getty Images

Advantage says you can get a lower price on your rental if you opt for a less popular model. Instead of buying the latest Honda CR-V or Kia Telluride, you might want to rent the Mazda CX-9 instead. While it has a slightly smaller cargo area than its peers, it has fun driving characteristics and an adult-friendly second row.

However, if you plan to have multiple drivers behind the wheel of your CX-9, it will increase rental costs. Drivers who do not already have car insurance must also purchase rental car insurance if they want to drive the car.

Your rental company may also offer collision damage waivers (CDWs). Typically, you pay a deposit to rent the car and get that money back if you return it in its original condition. When you buy a CDW, the rental company keeps the deposit and you only have to pay the excess to cover any damage (if any).

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You’ll also have to pay more for vehicles with higher IIHS or NHTSA safety ratings. Also remember that all of your rental fuel costs will come out of your pocket. Because of this, it’s better to avoid gas guzzlers or SUVs that require premium fuel.

You may be able to reduce your rental fee if you are a member of AAA or a similar organization. Costco and BJ memberships give you a discount on your rental and free insurance coverage for an additional driver.

According to NerdWallet, you can often get a 15% discount by booking your rental as close to your desired dates as possible. This strategy is risky as you could miss out on the car that best suits your needs. However, if you choose to pay at the counter, you can switch vehicles at the last minute and keep your fixed rate.

How much does an SUV rental cost?

Advantage says renting an SUV averages $22 to $40 per day. However, you could pay up to $100 if you need the rent during a busy time of year in more populated cities. Conversely, in some areas you may be able to find SUV rentals for as little as $13 a day.

We can also attribute the premium rental price of any SUV to its wealth of safety features. Four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive SUVs attract higher demand and higher rental prices. Large SUVs are also usually more expensive to rent than smaller ones.

Should you hire another car instead?

While a small car might be cheaper to rent compared to an SUV, all rental prices have increased thanks to the pandemic. Due to production difficulties and shortages, rental car companies face more competition when buying vehicle spare parts. The companies are raising their prices to meet demand, so the difference between the two cars may be minimal.

If you’re traveling with a large family, sacrificing interior space for a slightly cheaper price might not even be feasible. A better alternative is to look around for car rental companies in different cities to find the best prices. Many rental companies also offer coupon codes directly on their websites to lower your overall bill.