What rating score would you give Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

@ReadySlayerOne, I see your point, I do. I think what you don’t understand is that the reality of what has taken place so far hasn’t supported your theory that this flat fee and shorter development times will somehow result in lower quality games due to the large third party budgets with high Value gave titles released in Game Pass on day one. This is happening along with a bunch of dope indies and even titles like Wo Long that actually had a short development cycle and it shows, along with repurposing assets and taking all the things from Nioh that could be improved…lol. Not to mention the games that have had long development cycles and still opted for Gamepass releases.

This argument or theory is just a theory. No one asks for all the AAA games, God of War Horizon, or all those triple-a-generic big-budget games to release or not on a first-party subscription service on day one. Nobody’s saying I never said I talked about first-party games, but if you look at third-party providers, there have already been two or three big-budget games, or at least big releases, that hit Game Pass on day one and Also without knowing the exact fee Microsoft is spending to get these games on Game Pass day, there’s no way you’d even guess that you know it’s somehow less than the sales potential that’s not even guaranteed, just a sales potential that could ultimately be lackluster. Let’s not forget that they will eventually drop out of service.

Feels like this allegiance and apology to Sony is the unwarranted idea here. It’s this all-or-nothing black-and-white mentality that just wasn’t the reality but seems necessary for this idea to have any value if time has so far proved it wrong.

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Now, I’m not saying that your idea or your argument or the many other people who agree with it don’t have some sort of
A good reason to think so, and I also agree that you might not release some titles on the sub service on day one, but if you had something set in stone where people who want game day can have a day one and then people who want to pay the subscription service fee and get the game fairly close to release could have it maybe a month or maybe two months later; I guarantee it would be the best of both worlds. There’s always these fomo buyers who will take over DAY ONE no matter what and then you’ll have the people who will pay the subscription service for this bonus, to get the game so close to release now would be a stupid compromise . You could even implement something like a donation portal for a game you really liked just now that was released as a One on Game Pass and, you know, donate $20 or so if you feel like Deb’s is an extra thank you accept. Or you could implement some kind of pre-order system where if you pay for a little bit more, even though you get it on a lot of subscription services, you could get some kind of incentive bonus for that, I mean they do stuff that’s the way it looks anyway. There are certainly ways to make it fairer.

If we just look at three of the games I mentioned in my original post about them. Take a look at a plague story, nuclear heart and where long. For me, I wanted these games, but ultimately they just didn’t seem to be my thing or of the quality where I’d want to shell out a full $60 or $70 for them.

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I could have played all of this on Game Pass, enjoyed it and didn’t feel like it was a purchase I really didn’t need to make or was completely satisfied. Just these games alone which are at least $180 plus dollars I just saved by paying for a subscription service that is a lot less….

Additionally, we need games that have shorter development cycles because this odd contrast we have at the moment is generic iterative copy and paste of big budget triple-A titles, many of which are basically watching a movie with limited game variety, caught monetization of live service gambling systems and then we have a bunch of metroidvania and retro indies, there is no more double development on a large scale. Those games that are good but not that polished… hardly exist because they can’t survive with the way this industry has become.

I guess like I said from the start, I know this is a pretty long winded thing, but that’s just who I am. They just have to look at the games that allowed them to release their games on the first day of the game pass. Some of these games were major releases, sequels to games that were very successful and therefore likely to be successful again and perhaps more financially lucrative, and yet they chose to take the flat fee, which we assume is all they are Something about being, man, like it wasn’t just doom and gloom or black and white or all or nothing.