What to ask at College Tours

1. If the tour isn’t already covered, ask to see the inside of some classrooms, labs, or studios.

If you have already decided on a degree program, you can concentrate on the lecture halls and laboratories of the respective department to get a better feeling for the respective structure. Even if you don’t already have a declared course of study, visiting a few classrooms in person can give you a better idea of ​​the course experience that awaits you at college. For example, are the majority of classrooms lecture hall style, indicating large class sizes? Or is it rather smaller rooms that indicate a lower staff-teacher ratio? Is there any significant equipment that reveals a hands-on learning experience? Is inclusive accessibility taken into account when designing the classroom? These are all some things to look out for when seeing the classrooms for the first time. Some colleges even allow prospective students to accompany a class during class time, which is a great opportunity to practice the student experience first-hand.

2. If you plan to live on campus, ask what typical campus housing looks like.

Find out if the college offers shared apartments, dormitories, or other options. You can ask about the roommate selection process, dining options, housing expectations, and anything else that would help make you feel comfortable on campus.

3. Chances are you will learn a lot on campus, so ask about the general learning areas on campus.

Maybe you enjoy studying in quiet areas like a library, or maybe you’re okay with quiet but busier areas like a lounge or coffee shop. Find out what the campus has available and what relevant resources are offered, including printing stations, online databases, computer labs, writing centers, tutoring services and more.

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4. Ask if there is a prayer and meditation room on the college campus.

Many students follow religions that require them to pray at certain times of the day or on certain days. Or maybe you need a quiet place where you can meditate or reflect in peace. Most colleges now have one or more dedicated prayer and meditation rooms for students. If your college doesn’t have one, ask what housing is available or what it would take to set one up.

5. While on campus, be sure to visit the Field House or other fitness centers the college has to offer.

If you are a physical education student, you will spend a lot of time there practicing; and if not, you might still want to exercise and stay healthy throughout your academic career.

6. Find out what students do outside of class.

Of course, you’ll spend much of your college time attending lectures and studying, but what else is campus student life all about? Is there a large group of student organizations? Are there work, international or research opportunities? Are there volunteer activities on site? Do students usually have a job alongside their classes?

7. If your guide is a college student, you can ask him about his own study experience.

Ask them why they chose college and what they enjoy most about it. What are some of the most popular majors in college? You can ask students how they make connections on campus. What are the campus demographics like? What do typical teacher-student relationships look like? What implementations has the college put in place to ensure campus security?

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There’s so much more you can ask about academics, campus life, and more. However, make sure you do some research beforehand so you don’t ask for information that is readily available on the college website. Essentially, the tour is your opportunity to tour the campus and interview campus members and find out if the college is a good fit for you, so it helps to prepare. Good luck and happy touring!

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