WhatsApp is coming with the saved messages feature soon, here’s everything you need to know

New Delhi, UPDATED: 16 February 2023 09:42 IST

From Divya Bhati: WhatsApp is working on a number of new features to improve user interface and privacy. The upcoming features list includes improvements to some of its exciting features, including the message disappearing feature. The Meta-owned instant messaging app is said to be testing a new feature that will allow users to save disappearing messages in chat and prevent them from disappearing after the set timer.

According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has been developing a new “Kept Messages” feature for its users in recent months. And now the platform is finally rolling out the new update for their beta testers. The latest beta version of WhatsApp ( that includes this new feature is now available for Android users through the Google Play Beta program.

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What is the WhatsApp Saved Messages feature?

WhatsApp is reportedly adding a new “Saved Messages” section in chat information. This feature allows users to keep and save the messages in a disappearing chat window for everyone to see. That is, once the specific message feature is enabled, both sender and receiver can save specific messages in the chat even if the other messages disappear in the chat after a set timer.

Interestingly, at first glance, the feature doesn’t seem that important since WhatsApp already allows users to disable the disappearance of messages. However, the saved messages feature will come in handy for users who prefer the disappearing messages feature but still want to save some important chat messages in the chat window. It will be like saving and pinning some important messages.

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Notably, the feature is currently only being rolled out for some Android beta testers and will be available for other users in future app updates.

How does WhatsApp save messages work?

Once the feature is available in the WhatsApp app, users will be able to see a separate “Preserved Messages” section displayed in the chat information. Whenever a user decides to save a disappearing message, they can enable the feature for that message and it won’t disappear from the chat anymore, even after the time expires.

However, WhatsApp still allows users to delete the kept messages at any time. The saved messages are still stored in the Saved Messages section for easy access by users.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has already started rolling out new features with its latest Android app update. The update includes the ability to add document captions, longer group topics and descriptions, the ability to share up to 100 media, and create personalized avatars. Users can update their app to use the new features.