WhatsApp users can finally use picture-in-picture with iPhones: what is it, how does it work?

New Delhi, UPDATED: 20 February 2023 08:50 IST

From Divya Bhati: WhatsApp releases new app updates for its Android, iOS and desktop users almost every month. With new updates, the meta-owned platform releases security fixes and new features to improve user privacy and experience. In its latest update released this month, WhatsApp has finally introduced the long-awaited picture-in-picture mode for iOS users. PiP mode now allows users to open and use other apps while on a WhatsApp video call at the same time.

According to the iOS version 23.3.77 feature description, WhatsApp reveals that with the support of iOS’s Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, users can now multitask during a WhatsApp video call without the video being paused. The PiP mode in particular is not a new feature as it is already available for WhatsApp for the Android app. However, for iOS users, WhatsApp has been working on PiP mode since last year and even started testing it in December.

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This is how picture-in-picture mode works for iOS

PiP mode is activated automatically when you leave the WhatsApp app during a video call. WhatsApp also allows users to pause or hide video call views if they wish for the time being. However, if PiP mode does not start, update your WhatsApp or check app permission in settings to enable all necessary settings.

New WhatsApp feature on iPhone

Apart from the PiP mode, WhatsApp also released some other features for iOS users. Let’s take a look.

– Captions for documents: WhatsApp now allows users to add captions to documents before sending them to users. Similar to adding captions to photos, videos or gifs, users can now add captions to documents before sending them to their contacts in personal or group chats.

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– Support for longer group topics and descriptions: Users can now add longer topic or group descriptions to describe the purpose of the group. WhatsApp increases the group description from 512 characters to 2048 characters.

– Personalized Avatars: Just like Facebook and Instagram, Meta finally allows users to create their own personalized avatar for the platform. Users can create an avatar on WhatsApp to use as their profile photo or create a sticker pack and add more fun to their conversations on the platform.

To create your avatar

– Go to WhatsApp settings.

– Tap Avatar > Create your avatar.

– Now follow the steps to create your avatar and then tap Done.

Your profile photo on WhatsApp for your avatar

– Go to settings.

– Tap on your profile photo > Edit > Edit.

– Tap Use avatar.

Note that these features, including PiP, will roll out in the coming weeks and will take some time before they are available to everyone. So if you haven’t received the new updates, please wait a few days to download the new update.