Where the winners of The Circle are now

The winners who bagged Netflix’s The Circle award have used their wits to make it to the top since it first aired in 2020. But where are the winners of The Circle now?

The program includes participants who can communicate with the other stars via a “circle chat” and try to get to know them through their social media. To reach the finals, they must survive “blocks” as they try to determine which contestants are real and which are catfish.

Those who show brains or charm will join the circle of winners and become champions.

With the show returning for season five and the new episodes coming out December 28 ahead of the new year, now let’s find out where the winners are for The Circle.

Where the winners of The Circle are now

Joey Sasso

Fans have been blessed with four seasons since The Circle’s first released on January 1, 2020. Now, as new episodes of The Circle’s fifth season (out December 28, 2022), we’ve been treated to at least two seasons every year from the streaming giant.

In the first season, hosted by Michelle Buteau, Joey Sasso snagged the $100,000 prize. Shubham Goel came second and Sammie Cimarelli received the Fan Favorite Award and took home $10,000. Joey was one of six participants who were truly themselves, along with three others who had changed just a few details about themselves.

Though runner-up Shubham Goel is back on The Circle for season five just three years after his initial debut, where is Joey Sasso now?

The star now runs his own clothing line, titled the Sasso Fam Collection, according to ScreenRant. The boisterous star, who felt the first season could never be topped, wrote, produced and starred in an independent film before joining the Netflix show. The film Young Lion of the West follows a local club promoter in Rochester, New York who defies his boss’ orders to start his own club. It was scheduled for release in 2021, a year after The Circle.

sobriety journey

Joey then walked the runway at New York Fashion Week after signing with A3 Artists Agency. As the pandemic hit, The Circle star created an Instagram series, Heads or Tails, in which he polled experts on Covid-19 on a range of topics from college to job security. Joey hosted Faraway Bae, a virtual reality dating show where fans voted each week on who Diamond Jack had dated.

After trying his hand at a TV dating series, Match Me If You Can, on MTV where he was spotted with Eric Bigger and Onyeka Ehie from The Bachelor and Harry Jowsey from Too Hot To Handle.

Now he’s still updating his 730,000 followers on Instagram, recording TikToks and offering personalized cameos.

He recently opened up about his sobriety. He told fans the “hardest parts of getting and staying sober was” his fluctuating weight.

Joey admitted, “It’s okay not to feel great. I know that while I’m not happy with my body right now, I’m still as healthy as I’ve ever been.”

DeLeesa St Agathe

plot twist is coming.

Season 4’s Trevor St. Agathe claimed he made a bet with his wife DeLeesa that he would win his season. He thought he would come out in a better position than they did in season two. However, Trevor bit back on his words because DeLeesa was The Circle season 2 champion and was on the winners list.

She admitted she had a “game plan” before the reality show, and was so successful that DeLeesa even had her fellow contestant Chloe, who fell head over heels in love with her catfish profile, “Trevor.”

She was crowned first place after fishing the other contestants by pretending to be her husband Trevor.

After her win, she runs her own clothing line called Be Unique Shoppe. She also raises her daughters Toni and Tori. Due to her busy lifestyle, she sometimes goes on MIA on social media to do whatever she needs for her family.

Although she tried to fool everyone when she appeared on the Netflix show, she is still close to the season 2 and season 3 contestants.

DeLeesa packed up and moved to Georgia after winning season two. She even attended a Netflix casting call event once.

However, her recent posts show the The Circle star feeling “grateful” for 2022 as she looks forward to the new year.

James Andre Jefferson

Comedian James Andrew Jefferson stole the show for The Circle season 3. Even if he flipped it towards the end of the show.

He still works as a standup comic in LA and has almost 550,000 Instagram followers. His social media is full of mostly reaction videos on breaking news, events and celebrity gossip.

However, James did share some photos from an Amazon Prime Video weekend in Austin last year. That was different from his usual content – but admitted he was hungover after the tequila he drank over the weekend.

He also has his own podcast called The James Andrew Jefferson Jr Show, the latest episode of which will air in October 2022. He discusses current events, trending topics and controversial matters.

James also has a YouTube channel that has longer reaction videos than his Instagram.

Frank Grimsley

It wasn’t that long ago – in the spring of 2022 – that we saw Frank Grimsley being crowned one of The Circle’s season four winners, but where is he now?

The social worker said working as a licensed therapist has helped him connect with other contestants on the reality show, Distractify writes. He is believed to still be based near Maryland.

He still works as a therapist/school social worker. After being voted influencer multiple times during his season, he now has over 141,000 Instagram followers. Frank isn’t afraid to raise a storm or show off his brand collaborations on his social media, showing that he’s more than meets the eye, much like he did when he was on the Netflix show.

Frank also enjoys sharing positivity and wisdom on his social media, offering advice and quotes while being supportive towards his fans. He has always been outspoken about body positivity, highlighting his thoughts on the fashion industry and brands’ engagement with plus-size bodies.

He wrote in 2020, “I refuse to have my story told any other way in this body!”


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