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To plan Buy Windows 11 to improve the performance of your computer? Here’s everything you need to know about Microsoft’s new operating system. Windows 11 is the latest upgrade available for Windows users and compared to the previous version, it features a wide variety of extensions. With completely new graphics and many security features, the system represents the fastest, safest and most advanced option for people who work with their PC. Actually there are a few options too Get Windows 11 for free: Anyone who owns a computer running Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 and meets the minimum requirements is eligible for a free upgrade. On the other hand, if you are not eligible for the free upgrade You can still get Windows 11 for a very cheap price. This is possible thanks Mister key shop, a trusted company that has been in the software industry for twenty years. The shop is very popular among users around the world for offers a wide range of original and quality products at a reduced price. you can now Buy Windows 11 and save up to 70% on the original price. Let’s take a look at the best ways to get Windows 11.

Windows 11 price

Because Windows 11 is so modern and advanced, it obviously comes at a significant cost. Happily, Buying the new system at full price from the official Microsoft Store is no longer your only option. Indeed you can save compared to the original price by wearing it Mister key shopwhich also allows you Buy Windows 10 then upgrade to Windows 11 for free for an even lower price. This way you can save the price and still have it Enjoy all the many new features included in the latest version of the system. Buy Windows 11 on Mr Key Shop and you will be able to Get the Home or Professional version for £69.99 and £79.90 respectively. Mr Key Shop is a Very popular and reliable company that sells the best software on the market at discounted prices. That Reliability of the shop and the quality of the licenses also prove them many verified online reviews and through the amazing 4.9 points up trust pilot.

Where to buy Windows 11 at the best price

Mr Key Shop is the best choice for users who want upgrade their computer without wasting money. The catalog contains many versions of Windows operating systems (Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7), Microsoft Server Products (Windows Server, Windows Server CAL, Windows Server RDS CAL, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Storage Server) and many more Antivirus and VPNs for PC, Mac, Android and iOS that represent the today best way to protect your devices from the latest digital threats while browsing the web . You can also Buy Office 2021 and the other versions of the suite (Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office 2010, Office per Mac) at a very reasonable price. Digital delivery will give you the chance Receive your product immediately after purchase, directly to your email address and with no shipping costs. You get too clear and simple instructions to guide you through the download, installation and activation of your new software. That too is a way Help the environment by reducing pollution come with physical transports and with plastic packaging and packages. On Mr Key Shop you will find Original and Perpetual Licenses, which you can reuse on a new device in the event of a computer failure at no additional cost. The shop allows the customers Choose between secure and verified payment methods and also offers a full money-back guarantee in the event of a bad purchase. Last but not least, Mr Key Shop also supplies its customers free English speaking technical support.

    Buy Windows 11 at the best price

How to get Windows 11 for free

As mentioned above, there is some ways to get Windows 11 for free. First off, Microsoft lets you Try all new features included in the upgrade free for 30 days. At the end of the trial you will have to do this Purchase a Windows 11 license. You also have the option of continuing to use the system for free, but you will have to forego most of the latest version’s improvements and will not receive regular upgrades, including security patches. At this point you can choose if you want Buy the upgrade at full price from the official Microsoft Store or get it with a 70% discount at the Mr Key Shop. Let’s take a look at the available options to download Windows 11 for free.

  • If you already own a PC with Windows 10, you’re eligible for the free upgrade to Windows 11. Otherwise, you can Buy Windows 10 cheap at Mr Key Shop to become eligible.
  • If you have a PC that runs Windows 8.1 You can also upgrade for free as long as you upgrade to Windows 10 first. Remember to check if your computer is compatible with the new operating system before upgrading.

The free upgrade is no longer available for Windows 7 users. They absolutely have to Buy Windows 10 – unless the PC meets the minimum requirements – to become eligible.

Upgrading to Windows 11

Windows 11 features

Compared to Microsoft’s previous operating system, Windows 11 has features a long series of improvements both in terms of graphics and functionalities. The latest upgrade is designed to offer many new security features to improve online security and protect private and business data. The new TPM 2.0 security module is designed to protect your files, your privacy and any data you enter while surfing the Internet. That regular updates provided by Microsoft are also really important because they Protect your computer – and everything on it – from the latest Internet threats. A new type of cryptography was also implemented prevent any kind of cyber attack. The new system is perfect for home use but also represents a great option for workers. Many new features have been developed Improve remote work and multitasking. Finally, Windows 11 represents a really good choice for gamers who will find many new interesting features to aim for Improvement of the gaming experience. So is the system Compatible with all Android apps. The graphics have also been improved: you can check the latest news, weather and more directly from the main screen thanks to the new one widgets.

Windows 11: minimum requirements

If you decide to upgrade your computer by getting Windows 11, you should do so First check if it is compatible with the new system. You can easily do this by using windows update, a really useful tool that will help you find out if your computer is eligible for the upgrade or not, and also guide you through the process of downloading, installing and activating the system. All you have to do is click on beginning button, then on Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. These are the minimum requirements:

  • processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or system-on-a-chip (SoC)
  • system firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot capable
  • memory: at least 4GB of RAM
  • storage: at least 64GB
  • TPM: 2.0
  • screen resolution: high resolution (720p)
  • graphic card: compatible with DirectX 12 or higher with WDDM 2.0 driver
  • internet connection: A Microsoft account and an internet connection are required

After verifying that your PC is compatible with Windows 11, you can choose to buy or buy it at full price on Microsoft’s website get it at a reduced price at Mr Key Shop.

How to legally download Windows 11

Let’s take a look at the many options you have for Windows 11 download.

Download Windows 11 ISO

The first choice you have is to visit the official Microsoft website and Create a bootable installation media or generate an ISO file. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Choose Download Windows 11 Disc Image (ISO) and then Windows11
  • Set the language English
  • Click on Confirm > Download
  • Double-click the ISO file You downloaded and then on the .exe file
  • Click on Next

media creation tool

You can also use the media to download Windows 11 creation toolwhich will help you to download, install and activate the system in few steps.

  • Go to the Windows 11 download page on the Microsoft website
  • Click the button Download now under the Media Creation Tool menu
  • Choose to install the system with a USB drive or a DVD
  • Click on Save on computer

Download Windows 11

Windows 11 installation wizard

You can also take advantage of valuable help from Windows 11 installation wizard. Here’s how you should do it.

  • Go to the Windows 11 download page on the Microsoft website
  • Click on download now under the menu Windows 11 installation wizard
  • Run the .exe file you just downloaded
  • Choose Accept and install
  • Restart your computer
  • Sign in to your Microsoft account with your credentials

Install Windows 11

If you Buy Windows 11 at Mr Key Shop it gets even easier: you will receive the link to download the ISO file directly in your mailbox, included in the delivery e-mail.

How to install Windows 11

Installing Windows 11 is really easy. For this you can use windows update or use the installation wizard Once again. Whatever you decide, you just have to do it Follow the instructions on the screen. When you buy Windows 11 from Mr Key Shop, you will receive clear instructions on how to download, install and activate the system.

How to activate Windows 11

At the end of the installation process, you need to activate the system in order to use it. Click the Start button and then click Settings > Security > Activation > Update product key > Change product key.

If you already have a Windows 11 product key, you can enter it and use the system. On the other hand, if you don’t have a valid product key, you can purchase it from Mr Key Shop and save on the official price. You will receive your new operating system to your email address in a few seconds – the shop’s clear instructions will also show you how to activate it easily.

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