Which is better: mixed dual wielding or VR support?

Last time you decided that a pre-boss fight supply cache was better than resources that are too good to use. Honestly, I’m proud of you. Check out how to freely use all the tools at your disposal, not live in fear of the future, live a glorious life full of fireworks than stock up to do it all over again. I can’t be you, but I’m happy for you. This week you’ll have to choose between vivid violence and virtual reality. Which is better: mixed dual wielding or VR support?

Mixed double wave

“Give a guy a gun, he thinks he’s Superman,” goes the old saying. “Give him two and he thinks he’s God.” I would like to add: give him two different guns and frankly he doesn’t think at all; He’s too busy suppressing his happy giggles while striking cool and whimsical poses.

Why would I shove my sawed-off shotgun in my magic pouches and slowly draw my revolver to take down a distant villain when I can fire both at once? Surely it’s more convenient to hold different weapons in each hand?

I think mostly about mixed dual wielding shooters. Max Payne 3. The Darkness 2 (quad-wielding, even if you count the two demonic heads bursting from their vines in the top corners). Halo 3. Disgraced with Sword and Crossbow. EYE: Divine cybermania with guns and swords too. A Half-Life mod or two that I can’t remember the names of right now. It’s also good with melee weapons, mind you. Power Stancing in Dark Souls 2 lets you shuffle weapons to show off. I’ve always liked the feeling of my World Of Warcraft villain mixing up a dagger and a sword. Same with Skyrim. I’m sure you can remember more.

I can argue that mixed dual wielding makes a lot of sense, it makes a lot of sense. I can argue for the freedom to tweak my loadout for versatility and cover a wide range of mixed dual wielding scenarios. I can argue that it’s faster than switching weapons. But let’s be honest, the main reason I’m excited is that it’s cool.

VR support

“Give a guy a monitor, he thinks he’s Zero Cool,” goes the old saying. “Give him two monitors right on his face and he thinks he’s Johnny Mnemonic.”

Cybergoggles (and other forms of 3D glasses) don’t work with my eyes. The images are not merged. I discovered this while watching Avatar, a movie that really, really can’t stand if you can’t see the visuals and just stick to the plot. Other than that, I currently have no interest in VR. And yet I know that for some people playing games in cyberspace is an absolute delight.

I don’t mean purpose built VR games that are explicitly designed for VR and probably only for VR (maybe with a non-VR mode after the fact). No, just regular games that also happen to support VR. Games that have put a lot of work into making sure the UI, controls, and other nitty gritty things work in cyberspace. A transformation for the people who jumped on a pair of Goggs.

But what is better?

Mixed double wave. Okay bye. But what do you think, dear reader?

Choose your winner, vote in the poll below and make your points in the comments to persuade others. We’ll get back together next week to see what triumphs – and continue the great competition.