Who Is Kodak Black’s Girlfriend? Internet Going Crazy Over Rapper’s Alleged Romance

Kodak Black is sending the internet into a frenzy after posting what looked like date night pics with his new boo.

The Florida native, meanwhile, seemed to have found a thing for older women once he started dating R&B superstar Monica.

Photos of the two have been circulating online for the past few hours, mostly screenshots from Monica’s Instagram stories.

In her first story, Monica posted a photo of her on a Mayback with the caption, “Kind of nervous on a date,” patched with a winking emoji.

A few hours later, Monica shocked everyone with a photo of her with 25-year-old Kodak Black, who was showing off his money and thanking the rapper for a date that might have gone well.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, this scenario was a culmination of previous encounters the two had already had.

The birthday post apparently only fueled the sparks already ignited between the two. Just this month, the “Super Gremlins” rapper posted a video of himself in the car with Monica in the back seat, driving around and jamming to Kali Uchi’s and Daniel Ceasar’s hit “Get You.” He even stopped by one of Monica’s concerts and offered her a bouquet of flowers.

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Netizens reacted quickly to the alleged relationship between Kodak Black and Monica.

Many have taken particular note of the huge age difference between the two. Monica is already 42 years old, while Kodak is only 25 – putting them in an age gap of 17 years.

“I honestly thought Kanye was having the worst midlife crisis ever, but Monica dating Kodak is worth a straightjacket,” said one user Posted.

“Monica is 42 and Kodak is 25. If they’re actually dating, why isn’t she called a weirdo, a weirdo, or a groomer? If it were the other way around, the amount of thinkpieces criticizing an older man for dating a woman 17 years his junior would be crazy,” another commented.

“I thought Kodak would just check in on Monica like all rappers, drug dealers and hit men do when they visit ATL expressed.

Monica already has three children, the eldest of whom is as old as her age difference with rumored new boyfriend Kodak Black.

As of this writing, the two have neither confirmed nor denied whether or not they were dating.

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