Why Chelsea Griffin is silent on social media

Chelsea Griffin’s relationship with Kwame Appiah drew a lot of attention on Season 4 of Love Is Blind, and she’s keeping quiet amid all the chaos. The two found love in pods, but it didn’t come without a lot of drama and excitement. After Kwame’s shady behavior towards fellow cast member Micah Lussier was exposed, viewers had a lot to say.

Chelsea and Kwame bonded instantly on Love Is Blind, but there was a big problem, Chelsea wasn’t the only one vying for Kwame’s affections. He also caught Micah’s attention and they hit it off immediately. In the end, Chelsea walked away with Kwame’s proposal, but she wasn’t his first choice. After just a date or two, Kwame had envisioned his future with Micah, but those plans were dashed when she chose Paul Peden instead. Kwame walked away heartbroken but knew he had a sure thing with Chelsea.


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Chelsea realized that because love is blind, she was making herself vulnerable

By putting herself in the public eye on Love Is Blind, Chelsea knew she was making herself vulnerable to people’s judgment, criticism and opinions. Her love story with Kwame wasn’t without twists, and having their relationship in the spotlight on such a large scale meant she’d hear everything. Chelsea spoke about the unique experience on her Instagram account and the decision to remain silent on social media: “If you feel that I have been silent on social media, I want to clarify that it is because I am trying to protect myself from those who might judge my character and decisions.”

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Portraying her romance with Kwame in Love Is Blind was a tough process. While the love they have for each other is genuine, television doesn’t always portray everything in the right light, at least from their point of view. Kwame feels his relationship with Chelsea has been misrepresented and it has been a difficult situation for her. Kwame was cast in a negative light when he flirted with Micah at the pool party and reminisced about their failed connection to reach closure.

Chelsea couldn’t be happier with the outcome of Love Is Blind

Despite everything, Chelsea couldn’t be happier with the result and are thrilled that she and Kwame have come together. At the end of the day, she stands by her decisions. Chelsea realizes that the most important thing is that she found love, even if the journey to get there was more difficult than she expected. She has complete confidence in their relationship, although Love Is Blind viewers have their doubts. Any issues the couple had related to Micah’s involvement and her past connection to Kwame were worked through. Now they feel like they made the right decision for themselves.

The process of finding love on a social experimental dating show like Love Is Blind isn’t for the faint of heart, but Chelsea has no doubts that she and Kwame will pull through. Dealing with preconceived notions and strong opinions is part of reality fame’s territory, but Chelsea takes it all in stride. Instead of focusing on all the negative comments, she’s proud of herself and focused on her marriage. She just doesn’t pay much attention to negative opinions.


Credit: Chelsea Griffin/Instagram