Why Each Of Kanye West’s 7 Lawyers Dropped Him As A Client This Year

This has been a pretty turbulent year for Kanye West.

The former billionaire rapper, now known as Y,e, struggled to navigate his divorce from ex-wife Kim Kardashian and has steadily diminished his public image with frequent outbursts about seemingly random subjects.

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Things took a nosedive when his speech became hateful and targeted the Jewish population, causing those around him to question their ties to him.

Often these bridges were burned, and the major bridges that were burned came from Ye’s legal counsel, who helped him with all of his legal problems.

Because of this, each of Kanye West’s 7 attorneys dropped him as a client this year.

1. Nina D. Boyajian of Greenberg Sad.

Earlier this year, a production company called Phantom Labs sued Ye in a $7 million lawsuit.

The company has worked with the rapper on several major production projects such as his Sunday Service and the Free Larry Hoover Event with Drake in Los Angeles.

In the lawsuit, as reported by RadarOnline, they alleged that Ye left several outstanding bills totaling $6 million.