Why Hallandale Beach is becoming Florida’s liveliest town


March 3, 2023 | 5:41 p.m

Clean Slate: Reborn Hallandale, Fla. welcomes a new haute-to-trot development to his stable of life options. Epic Media

Hallandale Beach has long been overshadowed by its bustling, also H-named Hollywood neighbor – which is more than three times its size in terms of population. Now the other valley in the region (this one isn’t a fort) continues to remind us: It’s no longer just here to…

… It’s here to win.

In recent years, the beach town of Broward County, just an hour north of South Beach, has become best known for hosting the Pegasus World Cup equine extravaganza at its octogenarian Gulfstream Park. And it continues to be big on gambling, with a newly refurbished racing-dining-shopping-eventing-over-mega-godplex for younger and younger players in Gulfstream owned and operated by betting app 1/ST.

And no, this isn’t the kind of betting shop for your degenerate grandpa. (Not anymore, anyway.) Out are the greyhounds, already banned in 2020, in are bunch of risk-taking Gen Z spendthrifts who already know the addictive arts of FanDueling and DraftKinging.

Galloping: The Pegasus World Cup attracts thousands of visitors every year. Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for 1/ST Kygo served the table at the Pegasus party last round. Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for 1/ST

movie stars. Rapper. influencers. fashion icons. This Redux clip clop kingdom brings all the A-list boys and gals to the yard. This year’s Mane event, forgive us, was headlined by One Republic and Kygo on January 28 – and it’s set to come back, attracting thousands annually.

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No wonder, then, that a luxury real estate boom would soon come from behind. Most notable for driving into town is Slate Hallandale Beach, a 26-story, 250-unit (cooler than it sounds) “luxury rental community” that opened on the pompously titled Diplomat Parkway last summer.

What makes the world move in? Continue reading.

Hop on your high horse: the Slate Hallandale Beach development rises 26 stories above verdant palm trees below. PPG Development Stable Genius

Slate was designed by Kobi Karp Architects and developed by Ari Pearl, Founder and CEO of PPG Development with a promise of “extensive resort-inspired amenities and stylish contemporary residences combined with the convenience and flexibility of living in a rental community.” to offer. Ari already there? As a matter of fact.

foal house

Slate’s large open-floor units have sleek finishes, at least 10-foot ceilings, energy-efficient Samsung appliances, waterfall-edge quartz stone kitchen islands, large closets, terraces, luxurious bathrooms with floating vanities and glass-enclosed showers with soaking tubs — and exactly there you sleep.

Ears pricked!

A mini-city in itself, Slate’s massive campus includes a kids’ playroom, conference room and business center (if you must), dog park (you really must), golf simulator, wine cellar, event space, and movie theater . There’s even an electric car charging station for those – I’ll round up and say six? — Prius owners in the state.

The South Florida sun kisses Slate’s bright and chic interiors. Epic Media A fancy human trough area, if you will, in a slate residence. Epic Media Water you’re waiting for? Slate has a nice pool with cabanas. Epic Media pick some bags in the sprawling settlement’s billiard room. Epic Media Letter rip: Even the mail room has a chic appeal. Epic Media Gym Dandy: Slate offers premium wellness equipment. Epic Media Fore real: Slate’s slick golf simulator is a lot less nerve-wracking than playing IRL. Epic Media Healthy as a horse

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Not everyone who moves to South Florida is waiting to be put out to pasture. Slate’s fitness center has a cardio room equipped with Hydrow rowing machines and Echelon bikes; a strength conditioning room with resistance machines and free weights; and a workout room with a Pilates reformer and chair, Echelon Reflect smart fitness mirror, Nexersys boxing trainer, punching bag, and TRX harness. If you know what one of these doohickeys is, it’s safe to say there’s no trip to the glue factory for you anytime soon!

Make it rampant

It’s anything but cheap to hit the hay here. Plan to spend anywhere from $3,710 per month for a one bedroom penthouse to up to $17,900 per month for a four bedroom penthouse.

Watch me whip, now watch me whinny, whinny

The, excuse me again, bridle party of a town called Hallandale is just a half-hour trot from Miami’s equally insane and magical nightscape — so you can easily visit it without actually having to live within its city limits, Iykwim. Dizziness up!

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