Why I can’t upvote or downvote on the Reddit app: 7 ways to fix it

Reddit is one of our favorite social platforms. But the official Reddit app is far from being a fan favorite – it’s regularly criticized for a lack of optimization and a flawed user experience. We recently discovered another bug that doesn’t allow us to upvote or downvote Reddit posts or comments.

Upvotes and downvotes are without a doubt the heartbeat of Reddit. Posts are categorized into Best, Hot, Top, and Controversial based solely on upvotes and downvotes. More importantly, they’re a great way to acknowledge or show your disapproval of content you see on Reddit.

So, follow the seven methods below to understand why you can’t upvote Reddit and fix the problem. Consequences.

Why can’t you upvote old Reddit posts?

When you encounter this issue in the Reddit app, the downvote or upvote button is not working. While sometimes it works on the second or third try, sometimes it doesn’t seem to work at all. But why does this problem occur? Let’s look at some possible reasons:

The Reddit app has some bugs that cause the problem. You may be working on a slow internet connection while using Reddit. The Reddit app is outdated and needs an update. The current installation package on your phone may be corrupt.

It is difficult to determine what is causing the problem. However, it is easy to try and fix. Without further ado, let’s get to them.

7 fixes for not being able to rate posts on Reddit

Here are seven easy methods to restore the functionality of the upvote and downvote buttons in the Reddit app.

1. Maximize to upvote or downvote the Reddit post

This seems to be an effective solution to the problem. For some reason the upvote and downvote buttons work well when opening the Reddit post as opposed to using the buttons when scrolling through the feed. Let’s see how we can use this fix.

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Step 1: Open the Reddit app.

Step 2: Maximize the Reddit post you want to upvote or downvote.

Step 3: You can now use the upvote/downvote buttons below the post content.

If this doesn’t work, the Reddit app may have other issues. Let’s address them all.

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2. Check network connectivity

Make sure your internet connection is fast enough to get the most out of the Reddit mobile app and use all elements properly. Use a WiFi network with strong network strength or a reliable mobile internet connection.

Also, confirm that your internet package is up and running by contacting your service provider. Therefore, fixing your internet connection can help get the upvote and downvote buttons working normally again.

3. Restart the Reddit app

Restarting an application ends the current session and opens a new session. Therefore, there is a good chance that the errors that caused the problem in the previous session will be erased. This can effectively fix most issues in your Reddit app, and it’s worth trying if it can fix the upvote and downvote buttons.

Step 1: Swipe up to close the Reddit app from the multitasking bar.

Step 2: Now open the Reddit app from your app library.

4. Update your Reddit app

If many users are encountering an issue while using the upvote and downvote buttons on the Reddit app, it is most likely caused by a bug in that particular version. Hence, the developers of Reddit will surely take note and release a fix via an update. So make sure you’re running the latest Reddit app.

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Here’s how to update the app.

Step 1 Visit the link below to update the app.

Step 2: On the app page, tap on the Update option if an update is available.

If you are using the latest version of Reddit and still facing the problem, you can check out the next methods.

5. Clear Reddit App Cache (Android only)

A cache is a form of temporary data that all applications store on your local storage. This helps the app load its items quickly instead of downloading them every time you open the app.

However, the memory cache can cause some problems as some stored data can run errors which are responsible for not being able to upvote or downvote posts on Reddit. It is always good practice to clear it regularly.

Note: Unfortunately, clearing cache is only possible on Android devices, so iPhone users can skip to the next method.

Step 1: Long press the Reddit app icon on the home screen and tap on App info.

Step 2: Tap on Storage Usage.

Step 3: Tap Clear Cache.

If that doesn’t work either, try reinstalling the Reddit app on our device.

6. Reinstall the Reddit app

Uninstalling an app will delete all elements of an application – including everything that was causing problems and running errors. A fresh install might work without any problems. Therefore, try reinstalling the Reddit app and see if the upvote and downvote buttons are working properly.

Step 1: Long press the Reddit app icon and tap Delete app on iPhone or Uninstall on Android.

Step 2: Tap Delete again to confirm.

Step 3: Reinstall the app using the links below.

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If you haven’t upvoted Reddit despite the above methods, then you must resort to using a third-party Reddit app.

7. Use a third-party Reddit app

A third-party Reddit app is usually less heavy than the Reddit app and is optimized for better performance and a flawless user experience. They are also highly customizable and have additional features otherwise not found on the official Reddit app.

Third party Reddit apps for Android. Image source: Play Store

So if you are facing too many problems in Reddit app, consider switching to a third-party app for Reddit. We’ve written a detailed guide on how to use third-party Reddit apps for iPhone and Android. Look at her!

Well, that’s all you need to know to fix the upvote and downvote buttons on Reddit. However, if you have additional questions, check out the FAQ section below.

Reddit Upvote and Downvote Buttons Frequently Asked Questions 1. Is upvote the same as liking Reddit?

Yes, upvoting is similar to the like button on other social media apps in that you express your approval of the post.

2. Can I upvote twice for a Reddit post?

No, you can only upvote a Reddit post once.

3. Do you lose karma if you upvote Reddit?

No, you only lose Reddit Karma if your post/comment is disapproved.

Upvote and downvote posts on Reddit with ease

We hope this article helped you upvote and downvote posts on Reddit without any issues. It’s high time Reddit fixed the official app and made it mostly bug-free. First-party app issues are pretty consistent.

Maybe we can wait for an update that fixes everything or stick with a third-party app. They’re all pretty solid anyway!