Why Tech Innovator Henry Jan’s New Vezbi Super App

NEW YORK, Jan. 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Henry Jan, a philanthropic entrepreneur, recently launched Vezbi, America’s first community-driven super app, empowering users to access and organize every part of their digital world in a streamlined, community-driven application. The Super App differs from others in that it rejects the general use of algorithms, anonymity and data selling as part of Jan’s efforts to improve the online landscape based on values ​​of full transparency and accountability. Vezbi brings business owners, individuals and communities together in one all-round app where they can manage everything related to business, social and personal life.

“The internet has proven to be a powerful tool, but it’s a technology that’s still in its infancy and needs better accountability and a more evolved perspective,” says Henry Jan, creator of Vezbi. “I created Vezbi based on ‘altruistic selfishness,’ or the idea that individuals’ ‘self-interest’ can actually be used to improve everyone’s life.”

After six years of research and development, founder Henry Jan is launching Vezbi as part of an ongoing mission to create an enhanced mobile-only online environment and experience that will transform communities and small businesses for the better. After following the increasing popularity of the super apps available in Southeast Asia, Jan understood that these powerful platforms are the way of the future. Super Apps are designed to organize and consolidate all facets of life into one streamlined application.

For businesses and organizations, Vezbi creates a central place to connect with consumers and providers while managing different aspects of operations, providing essential multifunctionality that current digital platforms lack. While many apps offer multiple functions, Vezbi integrates all day-to-day necessities in addition to hosting micro-apps (mini-programs, each designed to do a particular job exceptionally well, such as promoting a business, planning events, and more). For a fraction of the cost of developing an original app, businesses and organizations can use micro-apps to find and connect with their audience within the larger Vezbi community.

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Along with continuing to perfect the art of the super app, founder Jan intends to use Vezbi as a stepping stone to giving back. The brand’s recent launch of Project Seva introduced an equity donation and partnership program for qualifying nonprofits.

Download Vezbi today, available for iOS and Android. Learn more at vezbi.com.

About Vezbi:
Vezbi is a community driven super app created by Henry Jan, designed to organize and consolidate all facets of life into one central application. All companies, users and agencies are welcome to join Vezbi provided they meet the technical requirements and rules set out in the Terms of Service and related documents. Vezbi is available for both iOS and Android. Learn more at vezbi.com.

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