Why the internet is a basic need

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Is internet access a basic need for students?

In the meantime, the Internet has made our life much easier and more convenient. The world is at our fingertips now, the world has gotten so fast, but the internet is faster than the world. Gratitude for the Internet. In our routine work, the Internet has become an important part of our life, and the Internet has brought a wonderful revolution to human life, and we are connected to the Internet 24 hours a day. The Internet is a repository of knowledge, a solution box. We can share thoughts, information and news faster and easier than ever. The internet has brought the world together and everyone lives close to us. Our day also begins with the Internet.

Here, why the Internet is a basic need for students, let’s look at how the Internet plays its most important role in students’ lives. The internet is the helpful learning tool for students and pupils. You can use it as your teacher. YouTube has changed the lives of many students. Khan GS Research Center is one of the best examples in India, many aspirants and students are taking online courses. And we can’t deny that the internet is bringing many changes for college and high school students.

In today’s fast generation, internet plays a crucial role, students want everything in one touch and it’s only possible if they need to have the right things to use the internet. The Internet has the power to transform students’ lives and achieve their vision. Since we all know that many huge educational institutions offer online courses like BYJUs, Vedantu, UpGrad, Unacademy and there are more than 100 companies that teach students online using the internet, the early 80’s and 90’s students had to be miles away , but today everything is opposite. Students get education at their fingertips as they sit at home because they don’t have to walk miles away, they can learn everything through the internet, which means that getting a good education has become easier and more convenient just because of the internet. Grateful for the internet.

How the Internet Can Change the Lives of Billions of Students Here are some points why the Internet is fundamental for students.

# Online education

# distance learning

# Exam preparation

# Gain additional knowledge

# Improving skills

# Preparation for job interviews

# Foundation & Marketing

# creativity

# Invention

# Mental health

# Awareness of scams, scams

Let’s pick up the above points one by one.

# Online Education: During the corona pandemic and after the pandemic, we saw that students are more interested in pursuing online education when corona entered education was one of the worrying issues, but the internet solved it. Subject teachers have started making videos, taking live lessons, and helping to provide students with proper education, and everything on this internet contributes greatly. Now there are more than 100 EdTech companies offering online education for students and offering them bagless education.

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# Distance Learning: Besides online courses, there are few universities that offer distance learning to students in every stream. It is a good reaction to see that many students choose distance learning and do some extracurricular activities during distance learning. This means that the internet has created easy ways to choose a better career path according to the interesting fields of the students. It is even more convenient and easier to pursue degree, postgraduate, diploma, certificate and short courses by taking advantage of distance learning. In fact, the Internet has revolutionized the education sector.

# Exam Prep: Hopefully we’ve all heard that most 90’s students were used to preparing for exams in a hostel room or at friends’ houses, but nowadays students can find the best way and options to prepare themselves to prepare for the exam. They don’t have to go anywhere, they can practice for the test and easily answer their doubt questions. Exam preparation used to be too difficult, but with the help of the internet, exam preparation is easier.

# Gain Additional Knowledge: Besides studying, today’s generation students learn everything fast, they are smart and when they want to learn something new and gain additional knowledge like Indian history, Indian culture or other information, they use internet and then google. The Internet thus helps students to learn alongside their studies or curriculum. We can say that the Internet is a universe of knowledge. If the students want to create a project on any topic, they can use the internet and gather information about it.

# Improving Skills: During this period, everyone wants to improve their skills, and students are one of them. Students can take help from the internet on how to improve their skills. There are different types of skills such as reading, writing, listening, leadership, decision making, time management, effective communication, problem solving and more. And the Internet helps them improve their skills and become good personalities. And it will help the students to have a better future and career as there is a great demand for well educated people in every industry.

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# Preparing for job interviews: many students want to do an internship in their interesting fields or what they study, but companies or industries see them as freshmen and it is very difficult to pass the interview, but today’s students are very smart, they have access to the internet, they can search for interview questions, how to present themselves to the interviewer, body language, style of dress. YouTube’s contribution is great because many YouTubers make videos of interviews and upload them to their student YouTube channel. It means the internet has solutions when students get stuck somewhere. And it can also help students get selected for campus placement.

# Startup & Marketing Ideas: Yes, there is nothing wrong if a student wants to earn money while studying, there are few students who want to start their own startup but don’t know how the internet can help them with that Secondary or part-time employment. The internet gives different kinds of ideas and the students have to choose. Once the students build their startup, the hardest part is marketing, but don’t worry, the internet has solutions for that. Internet offers many kinds of marketing platforms, it can be social media platforms, social media influencers and effective digital marketing, this way they can grow their startup.

# Creativity: The Internet helps make creativity visible in the world. Every student has a different level of creativity. Some students love to dance, sing, sketch, draw, write, create content, or do something new and different. If a student is a creative or an artist, the students can share their creativity with the world in less time and that will happen with the help of the internet. The internet provides such platforms for creative people to show their true talent and amaze the world with their outstanding creativity.

# Invention: Many students are passionate about inventing something new or different that will help society and play a better role. And the internet can tell them what essential things are needed to create or build their inventions. You can get a perfect guide through the internet. Students can use the best technology to make their inventions more powerful, while working on inventions or projects, they can exchange data and ideas or any kind of information from one place to another. So the Internet is the helping hand for students in inventions, assignments or other projects.

# Mental Health: Mental health problems are common around the world. Most of today’s students suffer from mental health problems, sometimes they feel depressed, unhappy and lonely, and it is not a small problem that should be taken lightly. But the internet is again playing one of the best and biggest roles in solving this problem as there are many websites dedicated to mental health, telling them how to deal with mental health problems and anxiety and taking the right precautions, encouraging them everyone to keep you happy with positive thoughts.

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# Awareness Fraud and Fraud: Every day we hear that someone has cheated on such and such a person, but today’s students are aware to tell their family not to reply to such messages or give OTP to anyone, even the government says us, they advertise about this and everything that comes up over the internet. Students can also google it and gain knowledge on how to avoid being a victim of scams and the internet is doing its great work to make people more aware.

Because of this internet is of great importance for student life but apart from that we cannot deny the truth that students in rural areas in some parts of India cannot use internet properly as it needs it compared to urban areas which rural areas more development, there is still a lack of internet connections, electricity, infrastructure and awareness. There are many problems and these problems affect rural students and their lives. One solution to these problems is for the government to run an awareness program on the internet and digital platforms in rural areas and educate students about internet use and how the internet can make their lives easier, which are the positive things. Another problem is the provision of high-speed internet in rural areas, which can be expensive and students can be denied internet use. Often in rural areas or villages When a student wants to fill out an online form or do some internet-related work, they have to go to a nearby internet café. If we really want to see some positive news and change in rural areas, students must have basic knowledge of the internet and need practical guidance.

Conclusion: Internet access is a basic need of students, the world today cannot survive without Internet and technology. We must be grateful to the internet for making everyone’s life easier, and special thanks for saving our time and keeping us connected. It’s a small urge to make a promise and raise your hands to educate people about the internet and its benefits so they too can create wonderful lives.