Why your Android keeps freezing and how to fix it

Just like a computer, sometimes a smartphone stops responding due to an app or operating system error. A slow or dropped internet connection can also cause your phone to stop working.

What Causes an Android Phone to Freeze?

There can be several reasons why an Android phone might freeze, but some of the most common are:

  • A lack of RAM: If your phone doesn’t have enough RAM, it can freeze if you try to open too many apps at the same time.
  • A corrupt or full cache: If your phone’s cache is full or corrupted, it can cause the phone to freeze.

Apart from that, outdated/corrupt apps, software bugs and running multiple apps in the background can also cause an Android phone to freeze.

In addition, using an older version of Android can also contribute to freezing.

In most cases, the cause of the problem will appear along with the solution. However, there are cases where a basic troubleshooting technique will solve the problem without revealing the root cause.

Here are 10 ways to fix an Android phone that keeps freezing

1. Check for app updates: One of the first things to do when your phone freezes is to check for app updates. Often app updates contain bug fixes that can help resolve freezing issues.

2. Reboot your phone: If simply checking for app updates doesn’t solve the problem, try restarting your phone. This can help fix software errors that can cause your phone to freeze.

3. Free up space on your phone: A lack of storage space can also cause your phone to freeze. If your phone storage is full, try deleting some unnecessary files or uninstall unused apps.

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4. Update your phone’s software: Outdated software can also cause freezes. To check for a software update, go to your phone’s settings and select the “About phone” option. Then look for an option to update your phone’s software.

5. Factory reset your phone: If none of the above tips fix the problem, you may need to factory reset your phone. This will erase all your data, so make sure you back up your files before proceeding. To factory reset your phone, go to the Settings app and select the Reset option.

6. Scan your phone for malware: Malware can also cause your phone to freeze. To scan for malware, download a mobile security app from the Google Play Store.

7. Get help from your wireless service provider: If you continue to have problems, contact your wireless service provider for help. They may be able to offer additional troubleshooting tips or escalate the issue to a higher level of support.

8th. Get help from a professional: If you’ve tried all the tips above and your phone is still freezing, it’s time to seek professional help. A qualified technician can diagnose and fix the problem.

9. Check your guarantee: If your phone is still under warranty, you may be able to get it repaired or replaced for free.

10 Contact the manufacturer: Even if your warranty has expired, you can still contact the manufacturer for help. They may offer repair or replacement services for a fee.

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