Why you’re probably paying too much for slow internet

There’s no two ways things are getting expensive lately. Inflation has reared its ugly head once again and we are all feeling the strain in all sorts of unexpected places. And while the higher cost of living in this sun-scorched country usually translates into a better quality of life, there are some things we just pay more for than we should.

In many ways the concept of Australia Tax is very real; the idea that in Australia we tend to have higher prices for goods and services than the corresponding costs in comparable countries overseas. When you shop online and find yourself particularly at online retailers in the US, this reality becomes apparent. But this problem affects far more than just the price of goods shipped from overseas, it has an insidious impact on many of the services and bills we pay each month.

A classic example of this: the Australian Internet. While we’ve made great strides in providing high-speed internet access across the country over the last decade, Australia’s internet speeds rank 74th in the world at the time of writing (Opens in a new tab). But it’s not like we pay our ISPs an amount that reflects this statistic. Whatever the reason, Aussies pay top dollar for services that just aren’t the norm for a developed nation like ours.

Before we resign ourselves to just settling for it and accepting the NBN connection we have (and for some of us only recently acquired) for another year, it’s good to take a look at the alternatives throw that are now available to you. Chances are, if you live or work in a metro area, you’ll pay less and get a lot more. You might just need to get out of your comfort zone and try one of the new kids on the block: GigaComm (Opens in a new tab).

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Who are GigaComm?

GigaComm is (in its own words) “an independent provider of managed network services”. Essentially, it’s a new, local ISP (Internet Service Provider) that does things a little differently. Unlike traditional telcos and service providers, GigaComm avoids dependence on nbn and uses a fairly unique network of technologies to deliver its ultra-high-speed services. This means they can deliver speeds of up to 1000/100Mbps and low latency connections on their own network with ping rates of less than 5ms within Australia, which is huge for online gaming. This is because they aren’t held back by throttling or congestion on crowded networks (like many other ISPs).

Additionally, because they provide their own technology to deliver their services, they control their own pricing and are not subject to nbn’s fees like other providers (who then pass those costs on to you).

How much does it cost?

To get an idea of ​​GigaComm’s current pricing model, take a look below at the typical packages available to apartment dwellers within their service area. More information on how this will look for a home or office can be found here (opens in a new tab).

At the moment GigaComm is offering a discount of $20 per month for the first 6 months (Opens in a new tab). That means a basic GigaComm plan (200/50Mbps) would only cost you AUD$59 per month. That’s about $20 less than the most popular nbn plans and a whopping 4x the speed (standard plans are currently around $75 per month for 50/20Mbps).

Looking pretty good? Here’s the only catch: It’s not available everywhere yet, but their coverage area is growing all the time, and if you’re in Sydney or Melbourne, chances are you live or work in one of those areas.

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Where is GigaComm available?

Gigacomm currently only offers service in certain metro areas in Sydney and Melbourne and plans to expand their coverage over time. To see if GigaComm is available in your location, check availability on their website here(Opens in a new tab).

With that in mind, and given the rising costs in all areas of our lives, upgrading to faster internet probably isn’t high on your list of plans for 2023. This is where disruptive new technologies like those deployed by GigaComm come to play to your advantage.

As the latest contender for your connectivity expenses, GigaComm is keen to get its foot in the door. They offer incredibly competitive pricing for their mixed technology service plans. So if you fall into one of their service areas (as shown above), you could potentially get drastically faster internet speeds for less than what you’re currently paying.

All in all, GigaComm offers an impressive product at a more than reasonable price. One downside, but one that might discourage you from making the change: Limited geographic availability. As an independently run ISP that relies on its own technology, the national rollout will take some time. If you are not located in a specific Sydney or Melbourne suburb, this service is not available to you yet. However, if you live in one of those areas, GigaComm (Opens in a new tab) is certainly worth a look.

GigaComm Services are subject to availability. Not available for every location. The offer is only valid for new customers on one of our FTTx plans with a 6-month contract. Separate installation costs for a monthly plan with no commitment or $0 installation costs for a 24-month plan. Not available with other offers. Offer expires on April 30, 2022. The GigaComm router is sold separately for $125

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