Witcher 3 developers on how next-gen vaginas ended up in the game

Image: CD Projekt Red

Finally the mint saga can come to an end. CD Projekt Red has confirmed to Kotaku that the realistically modeled vaginas recently found in the acclaimed open-world RPG are from a mod…but not the one you might expect.

Apparently, the latest versions of the game, updated to take advantage of Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5, include a mod called “HD Monsters Reworked” (aka HDMR), which unexpectedly includes an update for certain female characters in the game contained. This PG-sounding mod, which apparently was only intended to add realistic textures to creatures in the game, actually also contained elements of an entirely different mod called “Vaginas for Everyone”.

“In 2021, at the time of signing the copyright transfer agreement, the HDMR mod author confirmed to CDPR that he is the sole author of the mod in question,” a spokesperson for CD Projekt Red told Kotaku via email. “The HDMR mod author granted CD PROJEKT RED the rights to use the mod and has been credited and compensated for their work. We have contacted the HDMR mod author with questions for clarification.”

This claim is backed up by the creator of the Vaginas for Everyone mod himself, who tells Kotaku that he received a DM request from another mod author back in 2019. The modder says they didn’t see it at the time, but the message reportedly asked permission to incorporate their genitalia customizations into a larger texture mod, HD Monsters Reworked. While the creator of Vaginas for Everyone didn’t respond at the time, “the author did [of HD Monsters Reworked] Apparently he still used my mod textures for his/her own mod but also never mentioned it or gave me credits on the mod description page of ‘HD Monsters Reworked’,” claims the modder.

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This could theoretically explain why CD Projekt Red missed the inclusion of the realistic genitalia in the first place: there was no record of HD Monsters Reworked that included the realistically modeled vaginas on its original mod page, so CD Project Red had no reason to admit it believe to start there. It also explains why CD Projekt Red never asked permission from the actual creator of the Vaginas for Everyone mod.

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While the Vaginas for Everyone creator received no compensation for his work from CD Project Red, they also told Kotaku that they “don’t care” that their mod wormed its way into the new versions of the game.

CD Projekt Red told Kotaku last week that it intends to completely remove The Witcher’s models and textures, and on Tuesday explained why such actions were being taken.

“We’d also like to add that the removal of these elements is not intended as a statement against nudity or mature themes, but rather as an attempt to maintain visual coherence across all character models – including these textures in the game wasn’t something we originally intended.” had planned to begin,” said a spokesman.

The Next Gen update for The Witcher 3 was released in December and should allow for easy integration with 71 mods that do everything from touching up Geralt’s hair to customizing in-game gore. The game itself would also directly integrate a number of “popular” mods, the studio said at the time.

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