With these apps you can add the dynamic island of iPhone 14 Pro to your Android smartphone

In 2022, Apple surprised the world after introducing an innovative method to eliminate the huge notch on the iPhone 14 Pro models with Dynamic Island. Essentially, Dynamic Island is a software update that uses a pill-shaped notch on the phone that extends to the black area to reveal more information for quick access to various controls.

Due to its instant popularity, Apple’s Dynamic Island found its way onto many Android devices. If you’re excited to add Dynamic Island feature to your Android smartphone, here are some of the best Dynamic Island apps available now on the Google Play Store.

GraceMobile’s Dynamic Island replicates the functionality of the iPhone 14 Pro. (Image source: Google Play Store) Dynamic island

Developed by GriceMobile, Dynamic Island is one of the best apps that replicates the feature and has more than 1 million downloads. In addition to showing notifications, the app also shows tracks that are playing and allows users to control playback and navigation, among other things. You can also perform certain gestures that allow you to lock the screen, take screenshots, and get directions.

Users can quickly access their favorite apps with the Live Activity feature. (Image source: Google Play Store) Dynamic Island – dynamicSpot

The dynamicSpot app replaces the traditional heads-up pop-ups and offers more customization features compared to GriceMobile’s Dynamic Island. Users can long-press on popups to get additional controls, e.g. B. the ability to send replies from the popup itself, change its appearance and music visualizer, and choose when to hide or show the dynamic spot. It also has a live activity feature that allows Dynamic Island users to access their favorite apps themselves. Because it uses Android’s own notification system, dynamicSpot is compatible with almost all apps.

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This is one of the most customizable Dynamic Island apps for Android devices. (Image source: Google Play Store) Notify Dynamic Notch – Iceland

Dynamic Notch – Notify Island is another app that replicates the Dynamic Island functionality on the iPhone 14 Pro. Compared to the above apps, Dynamic Notch – Notify Island automatically adjusts its size depending on what information is displayed. What makes it unique is that unlike other apps, Dynamic Notch – Notify Island supports most music players, has battery charging animation, different notch style, multiple notification animations and even ported Bubble Dynamic Island effect from iPhone.