Woman from 1860 holding iPhone: Painting of woman from 1860 holding iPhone baffles internet. Details here

A painting from 1860 making the rounds on the internet has stunned netizens. A woman in the painting appears to be scrolling through her iPhone, which was only discovered in 1860. The 162-year-old painting was created by Austrian artist Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller and is called The Expected One.

To an untrained mind of the digital age, at first glance the woman in the painting appears to be scrolling on a smartphone, which makes absolutely no sense! However, art critics have found an answer to this illusion. According to experts, the woman in The Expected One is said to be reading a prayer book while walking instead of scanning her social media.

1860's painting of a woman with an iPhone baffles the internet.agencies

Gerald Weinpolter, head of an Austrian art agency, commented that the painting shows a woman walking to church with a prayer book in hand. Retired British government official Peter Russell was the first to bring the painting to light after coming across The Expected One during his visit to the Neue Pinakothek in Munich.

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Russell pointed out that technological development has changed our interpretation of art, changing the original context. He also said that a 19th-century viewer could easily have guessed that the woman in the painting was reading a hymnal or a prayer book.

frequently asked Questions

  1. What is the name of the viral painting?
    The 162-year-old painting is called The Expected One and was painted by Austrian artist Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller.
  2. What is the woman holding in the painting?
    Despite the claims on the Internet, the woman is not holding a smartphone. Instead, she holds a prayer book in her hand on the way to church.

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