Woman from Andhra locked in house for 11 years by lawyer, husband and in-laws, rescued

Police ended more than a decade of torture and detention of an Andhra Pradesh woman by her husband and in-laws and freed a 35-year-old woman on Wednesday.

The woman, identified as Supriya, was rescued from her husband’s home in Cantonment village in Vizianagaram city after her parents appealed to the court.


The couple had been married since 2008

According to the police, Sai Supriya from Anantapur district had married Goadavari Madhusudhan from Vizianagaram in 2008.

The couple worked in the IT industry in Bengaluru and had their first child there.

They later moved back to Vizianagaram where Madhusudhan started practicing law in 2011.


Parents are not allowed to meet daughter

Since then, Madhusudhan and his family have allegedly locked Supriya in their home and not even allowed her parents to communicate with her.

The couple had two more children while the woman remained confined indoors.

Even after that, Madhusudhan did not allow Supriya’s parents to meet her or her grandchildren.

According to Supriya, since her return to Vizianagaram in 2011, she has only stepped outside her in-laws’ house a few times.

Although Supriya’s parents were aware of the abuse from her in-laws, they remained silent for a long time because they felt that if things escalated, it would make things even harder for their daughter.


Finally the parents had had enough

Supriya’s ordeal finally ended after her parents and some relatives traveled to Vizianagaram to meet her in February.

Madhusudhan did not allow them to meet his wife, so they contacted the police.

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He even tried to stop the police from entering his home and requested a search warrant.


Supriya’s parents then called the court with a request to save her.

The court issued an arrest warrant, based on which police searched Madhusudhan’s home and rescued Supriya.

FIR against husband, in-laws

Based on a family complaint, Madhusudhan and his parents were charged under sections 498A (husband or relative of a woman’s husband subjecting her to cruelty), 343 (wrongful detention for three days or more), 346 (wrongful detention in secret), 509 (Word, gesture or action intended to offend a woman’s modesty) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

According to Supriya’s mother, Hemalatha, her daughter’s health is in poor condition, but she expressed hope that her daughter can recover after her release.

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