Woman’s ‘crazy’ fridge splits internet

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February 23, 2023 | 2:38 p.m


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A woman has caught social media attention after sharing videos of her fridge online.

Eve, who is known as @gardenof_eve on TikTok, recently took to the social media platform to share the inside of her fridge.

Inside, she includes flowers like hydrangeas, roses, and gypsophila, as well as a photo of her cat between her purchases.

She even designed a version of her fridge for Valentine’s Day, including a large heart-shaped box and red veggies like tomatoes and peppers.

Eve’s extravagant fridge layout has drawn mixed reactions.TikTok/@gardenof_eve Eve includes flowers and a photo of her cat in her fridge.TikTok/@gardenof_eve

Eve’s fridge features veggies in clear tubular containers, drinks neatly lined up, her vitamins in tiny vials, and her eggs in a beautiful presentation.

However, social media reaction was mixed, with some praise for the extravagant fridge layout.

One person commented on the series of videos: “Decorate the fridge with FLOWERS. COUNT ME IN.”

Eve decorated her fridge for Valentine’s Day.TikTok/@gardenof_eve

“The flowers and pictures in your fridge?!? Girl I can’t even get leftovers in mine lol,” another said in the clips.

One added: “Now why do I want flowers in my fridge and a cat picture?”

Another social media user added: “Why are so many of you such haters? This is fantastic! I wish I was that healthy and had a fridge that clean!”

“The rich people are getting too rich they are starting to decorate their fridges to waste their money now,” another commented on the video.

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One added, “And I thought it was crazy enough that people would take juice out of his container and put it in another glass.”

Defending her decision to dress up the inside of her fridge, Eve said she’s single with no children and that she was happy about it.

Many social media users wondered if the flowers in the fridge had gone bad.

“Also, florists put their flowers in the fridge, people just think it’s crazy because not everyone does,” she explained of the floral arrangements.

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