Women riding Royal Enfields and wearing sarees are driving the internet crazy

We have several videos on the internet showing women on a motorcycle. Many of them even perform stunts. So a woman riding a two-wheeler or a motorbike in India is nothing new. Some of them have also competed and are professional riders. Many people have now started recording videos and posting them on social media for reach and fame. Many riders have already started posting similar content on social media and one such video has now gone viral on the internet. In this video we see two women wearing a saree riding a Royal Enfield motorcycle at night.

The video was shared by sona_omi on her Instagram profile. The video, which has now gone viral on the internet, shows two women riding a current generation Royal Enfield motorcycle. The woman driving the motorbike looks quite confident and it looks like she has been doing so for quite some time. The passenger is also a woman and she sits quietly and in between they both look at the camera that recorded the video. The video was shot at night and the street doesn’t look very well lit. It doesn’t look like a problem for the driver.

One thing that caught a lot of people’s attention in this video was the clothing. Both women on the bike wore saris and she rode the bike with no problem. Many of them actually praised her for it in the comments section. It’s not everyday that you see a woman in a sari riding a motorcycle. Both wore traditional clothing and rode the motorcycle with no problems. Since the video was posted, it has received over 76,000 likes and over 1.2 million views.

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Women on Royal Enfield

Another thing you would notice in the video is that both the rider and passenger are not wearing a riding helmet. This is actually something that should not be encouraged. They probably wouldn’t have worn the helmet as they wanted to record a video. Wearing a helmet when riding a two-wheeler is extremely important. Both rider and passenger should wear a helmet. We have published several stories on our website in the past showing how a good helmet actually saved the rider’s life. Accidents can happen to anyone at any time and a helmet would protect the rider from head injuries of any kind. Just wearing a helmet for the sake of the name is not enough. One should also attach the buckle to the helmet to ensure it stays in place.

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 motorcycle shown here in the video is the current generation, launched last year. It is one of the manufacturer’s most popular models and is now based on a new platform and revised engine. The bike is now much smoother and the engine much more refined than before. The bike also gets a semi-digital instrument cluster that displays the fuel level, trip meter and also the odometer reading.