World Hearing Day: 8 Apple AirPods, Watch Features for Hearing Health

Gadgets Now Bureau Mar 3, 2023 2:03pm IST

March 3rd was declared World Hearing Day. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 430 million people worldwide, or 5% of the world’s population, suffer from hearing loss. Hearing health may not be given as much importance by many users who own a smartphone or headphones. Apple has a number of features to help users take care of their hearing needs. Here we list some of these features:

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AirPods adaptive transparency feature

Adaptive Transparency is available on AirPods Pro 2nd generation and claims to reduce the volume of harsh environmental noises like heavy construction or a passing car siren. The Adaptive Transparency feature can instantly respond to loud noises on behalf of the user. It can be helpful in reducing harmful noise in everyday life.

Active noise cancellation on AirPods

The AirPods Pro have arguably the best ANC found on true wireless earbuds. By enabling ANC or active noise cancellation mode, users can avoid being exposed to loud noises around them.

The Noise app on the Apple Watch

With the Noise app, the Apple Watch uses the microphone to measure the decibel level in your environment. When decibel levels around you exceed a certain limit, a notification is sent to let users know their environment has reached a level that may affect their hearing.

Noise app and the AirPods Pro

The Noise app on Apple Watch can also provide real-time information on how much ambient noise is reduced while wearing AirPods Pro with either adaptive transparency or active noise cancellation.

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Check the headphone audio levels

Both iPhone and Apple Watch can automatically send users a notification when they hear the high-volume audio through their headphones. After the notification, the next time you plug in your headphones or connect via Bluetooth, your volume will automatically be set to a lower level.

Set a maximum decibel level

Users can go to the Settings app to set a maximum decibel level that will keep the headphone audio at a comfortable level.

Earphone customizations for AirPods

The Headphone Customization feature allows users to customize their audio to best suit their listening needs. For example, soft noises can be amplified and certain audio frequencies can be adjusted to your individual preferences. If you already have an audiogram, you can import it from a paper or a PDF. If not, you’ll go through a series of listening tests that help you set up up to nine unique profiles based on your personal sound preferences.

Use the Conversation Boost feature on AirPods

Conversation Boost is a pretty handy feature on the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. It can help you hear more clearly by focusing on the sounds of the person right in front of you. Conversation Boost uses on-device machine learning to recognize and boost specific sounds, such as B. the sound of someone speaking to you from across a busy room