World’s first global police force Interpol has entered virtual world

  • At a surprise session of the 90th Interpol General Assembly in New Delhi, Interpol unveiled the first-ever Metaverse designed specifically for law enforcement.
  • The Metaverse allows registered users to visit a virtual replica of the Interpol General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon, France.
  • Interpol Police and take immersive training in forensic investigations and other policing skills in the metaverse.

The Interpol metaverse is now fully functional and offers registered users several benefits such as a virtual copy of the headquarters in France and the ability to interact with officials. The global police force is ready to receive training and hone their police skills in the metaverse.

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The Interpol metaverse is here, the global police force joins the virtual world

A virtual world that mimics aspects of the real world using technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), AI, social media, and cryptocurrencies is the Metaverse. Just as users surf the Internet, they can, to some extent, “live” in the virtual world of the metaverse.

At the 90th Interpol General Assembly in New Delhi, global police unveiled the Metaverse, specifically designed for law enforcement worldwide. The Interpol Metaverse is delivered via a secure cloud, which ensures its neutrality.

Jürgen Stock, Secretary General of Interpol, was quoted as saying:

For many, the metaverse seems to herald an abstract future, but the issues it raises are the ones that have always motivated INTERPOL — helping our member countries fight crime and making the world, virtual or not, a safer place for its residents .

Stock assured users that Interpol is entering a new world in the Metaverse, but the commitment remains the same.

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In a panel discussion that followed, Interpol announced the creation of a Metaverse Expert Group to represent law enforcement concerns on the global stage. Interpol’s goal is to secure the new virtual world through design.

Registered users can visit a virtual replica of Interpol’s General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon, France. There are no geographic or physical boundaries and users can interact with officers through their avatars.

Global police can take forensic investigation training and hone their police skills through the Interpol metaverse.