Worst iPhone games in App Store history

Play at your own risk, some of these games may make you vomit. Worst games on the App Store, don’t waste your time on this

The App Store for iOS and iPadOS is packed with great games. In fact, from iPadízate we usually share greatest hits lists with best basketball games or best puzzle games, just to name a few examples. Unfortunately, we also find the worst games of all time in the App Store. Games not worth downloading, real slop that will make you throw your iphone through the air.

In this article, we’re going to focus on compiling a selection of the worst iPhone and iPad games in history. We take our time and go into every detail of each game just so you don’t download it. Here are the worst games on the App Store.

Worst games on the App Store

Whether it’s because of its graphics, its sound effects, its controls, or simply its mechanics, these are the worst games we’ve found on the App Store. Games that are so bad that you probably want to download them just for the sheer joy of being able to remove them from your iPhone.

Red ball 1

I honestly didn’t have high hopes for him. pic.twitter.com/LSUh2bax5a

— Sergio (@sergitario87) March 2, 2023

Already on the introductory screen you realize that there is something strange about this game. Developed by Michael Friedman, this game consists of taking a red ball from point A to point B while avoiding obstacles in a series of levels. The truth is that the physics aren’t bad, but the graphics are terrible, but the worst thing is the sound effects. When the ball falls into space or collides with some spikes, a crunch is heard, like eating a crust sandwich. Is rare. It has music in midi format. I’m sorry Michael Herz, but the game is that it’s very bad.

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It’s probably the worst game I’ve ever played.
No. It’s the oldest m*rda I’ve played in my entire life. Please kill Me. pic.twitter.com/5qEEGbMnOo

— Sergio (@sergitario87) March 2, 2023

Another of the most awkward games we found on the App Store was AKDSGame. A title that “requires” you to jump over what appear to be piles of poop while controlling an old man with a stick. That’s crazy. The physics are horrendous, I don’t even think of making a single comment on the graphics and not even the mechanics are spared. Sometimes it’s faster, sometimes slower, and it’s physically impossible not to step on poop. In the end it makes little sense. But as bad as it is, at least we laughed.

Space does not invade

A masterpiece, will I ever reach 100 points? 🧐 pic.twitter.com/2ot3DPO93L

— Sergio (@sergitario87) March 2, 2023

What could be more fun than bouncing a ball against the walls over and over again? This game takes minimalism to a new level with the simplest graphics we’ve ever seen. It consists of three classic games inspired by Space Invaders and Breakout, in which you have to make the ball bounce in the direction you want. If the developer put a little love into it things would change, but it’s just lazy… The only good thing about the game is the sound effects, although it’s not very difficult to extract the sounds of 16-bit games from this one time to emulate either.

Snake – Stereogram

The classic snake game but based on a stereogram

Snake-Stereogram is the typical snake game that was so successful on Nokia phones in the 90’s but put in a stereogram. Stereograms are 3D abstract representations that hide objects and shapes. In theory, if you move the screen away from your iPhone and fix your eyes on one point, you can see the snake… Well… good luck with that!

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The worst space scenario

Good controls 👍🏻 pic.twitter.com/T5C0mY3JhN

— Sergio (@sergitario87) March 2, 2023

Worst Space Scenario is a platform game with very bad graphics and crazy controls. Each area of ​​the screen is designed to jump, shoot and change direction, which makes the gameplay horrible. But be careful because it has its points. In fact, we came to enjoy it. But that doesn’t mean the game is terrible.

We imagine you’ll be exhausted by now, utterly exhausted from seeing how developers were able to bring out similar creations full of lousy graphics and pointless physics. If that applies to you, we suggest you take a look at this list of the best Apple Arcade games to get rid of that bad taste in your mouth. If not, you can always download one of the worst games on the App Store. Who knows, you might end up liking it! In the worst case, you laugh at yourself… right after you puke, of course.