WWE Legend Sgt. Slaughter went out with the Cobra Clutch via Lacey Evans on social media

WWE has recently released a series of promos hyping Superstar Lacey Evans and showcasing her impressive use of a conical WWE finisher: the Cobra Clutch. Evans is ready for her “next mission” which is to conquer the women of knock down, but before she can take on them, she may have to overcome a WWE Legendary Character first. Sergeant Slaughter himself recently took to social media in a startling manner in response to Evans using his famous Cobra Clutch as a finisher and had quite a bit to say.

Sergeant Slaughter is a name well known to fans of the classic WWE eras. The WWE Hall of Famer was known for his militaristic gimmicks, navigating the ring and wrestling in a Navy uniform. was slaughtered Twitter quite a bit in the days following the last WWE promo for Evans, in which she used the finishing move in question. Check out one of the many videos below promoting Evans’ repackaging as a military-trained wrestler: