Xiaomi electric car spied on public road

  • The electric car industry is becoming more and more exciting as new players enter it.
  • In fact, established companies from other industries are trying their hand at electric vehicles like Ola and Xiaomi.
  • Xiaomi’s electric car is set to hit the market next year (2024).

The much-discussed Xiaomi electric car, which would later take on Tesla models, was spied on in China. While the automotive industry is over 2 centuries old, modern and futuristic vehicles are most likely electric. That’s why companies outside of the established firms are trying their hand at manufacturing vehicles. Xiaomi is one such company that has a strong background in consumer electronics such as smartphones, smart TVs and other electronic devices. It’s focused on autonomous driving and its expected features suggest that.

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Xiaomi Electric Car offers the latest autonomous driving assistance technology.

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Xiaomi is competing with Tesla electric cars

Xiaomi is pretty optimistic about autonomous cars. This is made possible by the highly accurate and advanced LiDARs that many existing electric vehicles use. However, it has identified a LiDAR supplier for its first electric car, Hesai Technology. This LiDAR system uses the AT128 hybrid solid-state LiDAR as primary radar and multiple all-solid-state radars as fill-in radar to cover a large blind spot, as reported in a LatePost report. Such technologies and products can make autonomous driving a reality.

In fact, this AT128 LiDAR is already used in the Li L9 SUV, which has been on sale since August 30, 2022. Xiaomi has already started testing its electric car and aims to be among the top players in the industry by 2024, the report said. To achieve this, the company will invest 3.3 billion RMB (approx. 482 million US dollars) in research and development for the first phase of a self-driving project.

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Xiaomi Electric Car spied tests on public roads in China
Xiaomi’s first-ever electric car was recently spotted during tests on public roads in China

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In addition, Xiaomi already had a team of over 500 employees last year, and the number is expected to increase even further by the end of 2022. There will be 140 vehicles in the test phase, which will be used throughout China in this first phase. The next phase of development will depend on the results of the first phase of testing. Tesla has so far shown reluctance to launch its products in India. As it doesn’t look like the renowned EV maker is going to change its mind anytime soon, the Xiaomi electric car could have a kind of free ride when it launches here.

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