XXXTentacion’s murder suspect goes broke after pressure Drake into testifying

The murder trial of XXXTentacion has been going on for some time. Most recently, Drake’s involvement in the high-profile trial was initially ruled out by the presiding judge.

But it seems like the prime suspect in the XXXTentacion murder is more acrimonious than ever to get the rap mogul to testify.

Update on the XXXTentacion murder trial

AllHipHop reported last week that Drake was already relieved by the presiding judge to testify for XXXTentacion in what was officially known as the Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy murder trial.

Dedrick Williams, the suspect in the XXXTentacion murder trial, has taken it upon himself to involve Drake in the affair, citing Onfroy’s feud with the former at the time.

In a since-deleted Instagram story, Onfroy posted that if someone killed him, it was Drake.

Since then, Williams, along with his attorney Mauricio Padilla, have been pushing Drake to become a suspect. But according to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, Williams has reportedly run out of money to get the extra length the defense needs to support his defense.

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For this reason, Williams has already applied to the court clerk for “destitute status”. The publication also noted that he had already requested a private investigator to assist him in preparing a defense of his case, interviewing and locating witnesses, conducting background checks, locating important documents, and even investigating issues related assisted with the case.

Documents obtained by AllHipHop show that Williams’ private investigator will only cost $40 an hour, with a maximum of $10,000 or an additional 250 hours to complete all of the above actions.

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Drake in the XXXTentacion murder trial

After the presiding judge ruled that Drake did not need to be removed from office, William’s attorney, Padilla, continued to file a motion asking the court to seek said removal.

Padilla also wants Drake to be scorned in court should he miss said subpoena. The judge on the XXXTentacion murder trial is expected to rule next week on whether or not Drake really needs to be deposed.

Drake’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, argued in court last week that Drake’s involvement in the XXXTentacion murder trial was baseless.

He also claimed that the subpoena issued by the other camp was “procedurally flawed” because the defense team had not included instructions on how the interrogation was to be conducted when it was first ordered.

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