You Ate Toblerone All Wrong: Chef Reveals Sweet Secret

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June 5, 2023 | 4:02 p.m

Social media celebrity chef Koudy stunned candy lovers after revealing how to properly eat the Swiss Chocolate Pyramid in a TikTok video with nearly 50 million views.

Most people have failed the bar exam.

A social media chef stunned all confectionery lovers after revealing how to properly eat the Swiss Chocolate Pyramid in a TikTok video with nearly 50 million views.

“Did you know Toblerone has to be pushed together in order for it to break?” Chef Koudy wrote in the caption for the clip.

The Czech Republic-based connoisseur frequently posts humorous snack hacks on everything from eating toffee to slicing eggs for his 2 million followers on the Chinese platform.

In his latest tutorial, Koudy taught chocolate lovers how to properly eat a Toblerone bar, the yellow-wrapped Swiss confection that’s a staple in hotel minibars and airport duty-free shops.

Contrary to popular belief, the actual way to consume one of these cocoa prisms isn’t to rip it out like you would a Kit Kat bar — a method that “ruins it,” the clip states.

Rather, the “right way,” explains the gourmet, somewhat counterintuitively, is to slide the bookend triangles inward toward the others in the middle to break them off.

Koudy doesn’t explain why this is the correct path to Toblerone – perhaps it’s due to a “Wing Chun”-like philosophy of directing an object’s energy back at the object.

Chef Koudy has 2 million TikTok followers.TikTok/chefkoudy

Although The Post has tried this method itself, it’s safe to say that the latter method seems to get the job done with a lot less effort (not to mention a lot less chocolate on your fingers).

The Post recently asked Mondelez International, the Toblerone owner, about the proper way to eat the confection – but has yet to receive an answer.

However, the sweet fragmenting technique has received mixed reviews online. Many commenters pointed out that the more popular segmentation method was better because it didn’t touch the adjacent segment.

“Second is better because you don’t touch the piece next to it,” scoffed a viewer of the chocolate pyramid system. Another wrote: “The second one is better, at least he didn’t touch the other bar with his fingers.”

Of course, one can mimic Koudy’s method without contamination by pressing fingers against the peripheral parts so as not to touch others. Meanwhile, some critics claimed they just happily bit into the club-shaped confection without breaking off any pieces.

Koudy isn’t the first to tout this way of eating Toblerone. In a 2016 YouTube snacking guide, an armchair connoisseur demonstrated a similar technique for eating the sawtooth candy.

In fact, questions about the right methodology have sparked wild reactions on Reddit, with one prankster joking that the proper way to eat the bar is with a “knife and fork.”

“Stuff it all in your mouth at once. Swallow. Don’t chew it,” advised one commenter, while another advised “melt it down and forge it into a sword to slay your enemies.”

The Toblerone fragmentation technique has become a controversial topic among chocolate lovers.TikTok/chefkoudy

“Break off each flavor pyramid and eat them one at a time until you’re left crying in a puddle on the floor covered in honey and chocolate,” quipped another prankster.

The debate resembled a disagreement about how to eat cheese. Some milk lovers have suggested peeling the food like a banana, while others felt it was okay to bite into it whole.

This isn’t the first culinary technique we’ve reportedly gotten completely wrong.

In a similarly revealing clip last month, a TikTok chef reveals the supposedly correct way to use a colander – which appears to be to place the porous vessel on top of pasta, rather than the other way around.

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