You can now install Android Auto 8.9, these are the main news

Google rarely releases release notes for its updates, claiming that the work was aimed solely at fixing bugs and making under-the-hood tweaks. However, we have good news for those who have already received the Coolwalk redesign.

First of all, it’s time for coolwalk’s obligatory warning. Android Auto 8.9 does not enable the redesign on devices where the new interface is not yet active, nor does it improve the availability of the new interface.

This is because Coolwalk’s launch isn’t tied to Android Auto updates, as Google uses a server-driven approach to roll out the redesign to users of the navigation and entertainment app.

Therefore, installing Android Auto 8.9 will not bring Coolwalk to users who have not yet received the new interface. But on the other hand, for those who have it in their car (actually on the phone since it’s a mirror), it will introduce a little more polish.

Google will most likely need to continue improving these new visual effects before making them available to everyone in the app, but we’ll most likely see them working over the next few weeks.

Changes for Android Auto 8.9

Otherwise, Android Auto 8.9 is as mysterious as all its predecessors. Google doesn’t usually release changelogs for new versions of Android Auto, so users will have to install the update and find out for themselves if there’s anything important.

The rollout of Coolwalk is also progressing rapidly. Although the global availability phase has not yet been reached, more and more people are getting the new design on their cars.

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The biggest benefit of enabling Coolwalk in Android Auto is that users can now run multiple apps side-by-side regardless of screen size. Coolwalk uses an approach similar to Apple CarPlay, where the applications running on the screen have their own dedicated maps.

The navigation application, either Google Maps or Waze, gives you the largest map, while the rest of the screen is used for audio apps (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) and phone calls.

Vertical displays also have a weather map, but Google is probably already working on bringing this feature to head units with a horizontal aspect ratio.

Android Auto 8.9 is also rolling out in phases through the Google Play Store, but you can install it without waiting by loading the APK file that we leave you here.

How to install Android Auto 8.9

The messages are expected to be activated server-side, so there is little you can do on your part except wait patiently and be connected to the internet.

But if you’re lucky and want to upgrade to the stable Android Auto 8.9, follow these steps:

Open Google Play and type manage apps and device to check for Android Auto app updates, or search for “Android Auto” to see if the Update button appears. Otherwise, and if you continue with a previous version, you can download and install Android Auto 8.9.6306 from its APK, which you can find in APKMirror.

As you know, Google is very keen to share updates with everyone. In our case, we did not receive a visual update for our car until two weeks ago, even though we had version 8.6 of Android Auto.

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Undoubtedly, the app has completely improved with the introduction of the maps, since it offers more control over the apps displayed on the screen and the ability to change the song on Spotify while following the directions on Google Maps. Good job Android Auto.