‘Your love will ‘Everlast”: Jake Paul’s Valentine is taking the internet by storm

Most people try to plan a romantic day with their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. But Jake Paul had something else on his mind this Valentine’s Day. Jake Paul shared a post on Instagram about his Valentine’s Day date, and it certainly wasn’t what fans were expecting. All the photos showed him taking his boxing gloves on a date. In addition, all three photos showed the “couple” in their own romantic room. Fans couldn’t help but laugh after viewing the series of photos he posted.

Jake Paul signaled that his current focus is solely on boxing and nothing else. Paul wanted to leave everyone a message that he’s locked up for his fights. And the news was certainly for Tommy Fury as they will face each other in the ring on February 26th.

Fans were amused by Jake Paul’s Instagram post


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The Instagram post was a way to let his fans know how he’s spending Valentine’s Day. Now, this could also be confirmation that Jake Paul is single at the moment. He’s quite well known for conveying subliminal messages through his Instagram posts. He previously tried to hint at his breakup on Instagram by “picking the wrong rose.” Let’s look at some comments made under the post.

One of the fans complimented Jake Paul’s new girlfriend. He wrote, “Damn bro she looks good!”

Another fan praised Jake Paul for his confident demeanor. He wrote: “Lots of rizz here man”.

One of the fans had a funny comment when he suggested putting Tommy Fury in the picture. They wrote: “Photoshop Tommy in here 😂”.

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Another fan wrote: “Tbf these gloves look better than tommy’s bird”.

A fan made a pun on the name of the “Everlast” boxing gloves. He wrote: “Your love will be ‘EverLast’ 😬💖”


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One fan wrote that Jake Paul’s ex, Julia Rose, is better than a pair of boxing gloves. The commenter wrote: “Julia was much better man. It’s a loss for life, period.”

One of the fans was confused as to what was going on with the picture. He wrote: “Wait what”.

It seems the boxer has only one thing on his mind at the moment. With the Tommy Fury fight looming, who better to come this Valentine’s Day than a pair of boxing gloves?


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By the way, who do you think will win the fight, Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury? Let us know in the comments section.