YouTube adds new shorts insights and post presentation options

YouTube announced a number of tweaks and updates in its latest Creator Insider video of 2022, including a new shorts metrics display, an expansion of creative posting tools, and a new live streaming info page.

First off on the shorts metrics – YouTube produces their shorts remix report, which is currently only available on the YouTube Studio mobile app and is also accessible on desktop, and provides another way to keep an eye on the performance of your shorts keep.

YouTube Studio metrics update

The Shorts Remix Report highlights all your Shorts clips used to make other shorts and shows the number Times when your content was remixed, along with remix views.

It’s another way to track the augmented performance of your short clips — and with shorts already being watched by over 1.5 billion users on the app each month, it seems pretty safe to assume shorts are making up a larger chunk of the app will make up the entire YouTube ecosystem by 2023.

Maybe worth considering when planning for 2023.

YouTube is also adding new metrics to its Key Metrics display in YouTube Studio that provide better insight into the app.

YouTube Studio metrics update

According to YouTube:

“Currently, impressions are the only metric shown on the map of top post metrics in Studio. This week we’re adding additional metrics to the map, including likes and subscribers on both mobile and web.”

So basically, you get more types of upfront data to show up in the app, which could help highlight additional considerations in your strategic thinking.

YouTube has also launched a new live streaming overview section on the YouTube for Creators site, featuring a range of guides, tips and pointers for your streaming strategy.

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There are some handy tips, and if you’re thinking about getting into live streaming, it might be worth a look.

Finally, YouTube is also introducing some new posting options, with an expansion of quizzes it has tested with select creators, as well as the iOS rollout of its stickers and graphic overlays.

YouTube post update

I’m not sure if community posts are already a big part of the YouTube ecosystem, but they could be another way to engage with your subscribers, and those graphic overlays and additions could help make your posts more streamlined to make it more interesting and appealing.

So nothing major, no major updates or changes from YouTube heading into 2023, but some interesting improvements that might be worth mentioning in your approach.