Zeus receives a grant from Oasys and integrates with Chain Verse

Zeus is delighted to officially announce that it has received a grant from Oasys. At the same time, they have successfully formed a merger with the Chain Verse Platform. For the uninitiated, Chain Verse happens to be a Layer 2 Versus Chain that ChainGuardians duly built. This in turn is located on the Oasys chain. From now on Zeus presents two new and exciting games about the chain verse. These games are Race4Sky and Voxel Worlds.

This is the time to delve a little more into the general activities and workings of the two entities. For its part, Zeus is a multi-layered NFT gaming platform that also happens to be interactive. It offers unimaginable exposure in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI). The main goal and intention of Zeus is to build a user-friendly ecosystem for all gamers, gamers and developers. This is achieved with the development of story-driven blockchain-based games.

A higher level of digital art also needs to be added. Throughout their careers, they have been able to understand the many hurdles game developers face in using their engines properly. Currently they are active in bringing all their users together to improve existing situations. Regarding Oasys, it has enlisted the services of a team of experts in the blockchain. It has also managed to network with big players in the online gaming arena. It has been instrumental in launching new technological releases related to the iGaming industry with the help of its EVM compatibility and its Proof-of-Stake (PoS) oriented and green blockchain. Regarding the ChainGuardians, they happen to be a team of experts in their own fields who help advance the blockchain by building creative and unique experiences that help weave Web3, NFT and Metaverse utilities .

According to Zeus CEO Sophia Lee, they are extremely pleased to have formed this merger with Chain Verse Universe, which is built on top of the Oasys Chain. They plan to bring the many digitally based arts to life by combining exciting and rewarding iGaming experiences. In her opinion, creating games on the Oasys blockchain will bring a new and fresh angle to the gaming industry. Additionally, as for the players themselves, they can take advantage of the additional features for faster and gas-free situations while being mesmerized by the games they are playing.