ZozoFit’s iPhone-based 3D scanner takes “Progress Images” to the next level

ZozoFit is an app that uses a smartphone’s camera to create “highly accurate” 3D body scans of a user, which the company says not only provides accurate measurements for clothing but also helps measure body fat.

The company claims it has developed the “world’s most accurate home 3D body scanner,” which requires nothing more than special coveralls and a smartphone. While the company says it can be used to help with clothing sizing, the app’s main purpose appears to be to track and measure body shape for fitness or dieting purposes. The company says its app can take multiple scans of a body and create a 3D model that allows users to track specific parts of their body. It’s basically a next level version of “progress pictures”.

The system is based on pairing the ZozoFit app with the ZozoSuit, which are said to be specifically designed to pair to precisely measure a user’s body in 3D “from anywhere”. The company says ZozoFit is useful at every stage of a person’s “fitness journey,” whether it’s being used for “shape transformation or maintenance.”

To take a scan, users have to base the phone on an included scan and take a series of photos of themselves in the suit, which the app then combines into what is supposedly a very accurate, individual model of a person.

According to Zozo, ZozoFit’s Japanese parent company, the app, combined with the unique pattern on the ZozoSuit, is able to capture precise body measurements that typically require expensive, specialized 3D laser scanners. Zozo says his technology has an average error of 3.7mm compared to a 3D laser scanner.


The suit is actually an important part of Zozo’s technology. The company has refined it to such an extent over the last few years that they are very confident in the results. It supports fit recommendations for size-sensitive athletic and lingerie apparel, and features what Zozo calls “superior accuracy” to enable routine and precise body shape tracking for fitness and even preventative medicine and healthcare.

Last month, the ZozoFit app added the ability to compare scans, which really increases the platform’s usability. Prior to the release of this new feature, when viewing a scan, the ZozoFit app would simply compare that scan to the default scan, which was typically the first scan our app captured for the user. While this was useful, it didn’t provide the level of constant comparison that users wanted. In response, ZozoFit added the ability to compare scans to make progress more tangible.

Last week, ZozoFit explained that its app isn’t just for comparing sizes, but that its system is so sensitive that it’s actually able to measure body fat.

“Our state-of-the-art body scanning technology can also calculate your body fat percentage, which can be a useful metric for measuring your fitness progress,” the company claims.

Zozo technology is actually licensed, but first-party fitness-based services ZozoFit and ZozoSuit are only available in the United States. The app itself is free for both iOS and Android devices, but as mentioned, it only works in conjunction with the ZozoSuit, which costs $98.