ZTE @ MWC 2023: to introduce more efficient, greener products

ZTE Corporation announced that it will showcase more efficient and greener products and solutions at Mobile World Congress (MWC) from February 27 to March 2, 2023 in Barcelona.

infrastructure network

ZTE, focusing on the theme of Shaping Digital Innovation, will launch an end-to-end efficient network deployment solution for ultra-efficient networks, helping operators to achieve ultra-efficient green connectivity in all scenarios.

The UniSite wireless access solution will help operators efficiently deploy full-band and multi-RAT networks with optimal total cost of ownership and be ready for the 5G-Advanced evolution; Turbo Core solution to integrate software flexibility and hardware efficiency with professional function accelerator cards to maximize the value of every bit; the high-performance 400G transport solutions for all scenarios with twice the capacity and the longest backbone transmission distance in the industry; the industry’s most highly integrated 16-port 10G PON card; and the industry’s first 50G PON combo card.

Digital business for operators

ZTE will offer digital services through the integration of cloud network services, helping operators to open up new markets in the blue ocean. In the ToB sector, ZTE will showcase the industry’s smallest Mini5GC, the industry’s unique wireless base station with built-in processing power of NodeEngine solution, industrial gateways in various forms such as video gateway and Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) gateway, optical access product for campus.

ZTE will showcase a private Network-as-a-Service solution with on-demand delivery, cloud network service integration, precise performance, and easy O&M. ZTE will make extensive use of cloud-based PLCs, digital twins, machine vision, robots and AGVs to realize 5G fully connected factories, which is the best practice in intelligent manufacturing.

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Based on Wi-Fi 7 and Fiber-to-the-Room (FTTR) home networking solution, ZTE will deliver the ultimate gigabit-plus whole-home experiences and help operators to deliver innovative and value-added services by expanding their digital ecosystem .

save energy

ZTE will showcase the PowerPilot Pro solution, which intelligently reduces network power consumption by up to 35 percent and saves energy throughout the process by incorporating all-scenario solar power solutions on-premises, a next-generation data center and new intelligent energy storage systems ultimate green and energy efficient telecom network.

ZTE plans to focus on innovative practices in the 5G advanced evolution and the future optical networks by showing a series of innovations at MWC 2023.

ZTE unveils dynamic RIS, the industry’s first sub-band full-duplex prototype, a solution that integrates communications, sensing and data processing.

ZTE will showcase the future optical network, adopting technologies such as hollow core fiber and OXC 32-dimensional optical backplane to achieve lower latency, higher transmission performance and lower power consumption.

digital life

ZTE will exhibit a range of products that can be used in various scenarios, including sports and health, audio and video entertainment, business and travel, and home and education. These include ZTE Axon, ZTE Blade, the full Nubia series of consumer electronics products, as well as a complete set of Mobile Broadband (MBB), Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Also on display will be several new stunning innovations, including the world’s first 3D glasses-less tablet powered by AI and AR glasses that deliver superb audiovisual experiences. ZTE will also release the 5th generation of 5G FWA and GIS version products at MWC 2023.

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